YouTube appoints Web3-friendly exec as new CEO

Google-owned YouTube has appointed Web3-friendly exec Neal Mohan as its new CEO following Susan Wojcicki’s departure this week.

Wojcicki stepped down from YouTube after nine years on Feb. 16, outlining plans to start a “new chapter” focused on family, health and personal projects. During her tenure, she oversaw the critical introduction of the revenue-sharing model, among other things.

Going forward, she will remain an advisor to Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

Before becoming the new CEO, Mohan served as YouTube’s Chief Product Officer and oversaw the controversial removal of the video dislike button, the introduction of YouTube Shorts to compete with TikTok and YouTube Music.

As for Web3, in February 2022, Mohan outlined preliminary plans to integrate a host of new features, such as etaverse-based content experiences and content tokenization via non-fungible tokens (NFTs). dejection of the then NFT-hating community.

In particular, Mohan emphasized that NFTs can provide creators with a new way to engage with their audiences and develop additional revenue streams. He cited the potential for creators to tokenize their videos, photos, art and experiences as an example.

“Web3 also opens up new possibilities for creators. We believe that new technologies such as blockchain and NFTs can empower creators to build deeper relationships with their fans. Together they can collaborate on new projects and earn money in ways that were not possible before,” he wrote in a blog post on Feb. 10, 2022.

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Despite the intention to possibly roll out last year, the Web 3-related plans have yet to materialize, but could gain new momentum in the near future as Mohan now heads the company.

Following the news of Mohan becoming YouTube’s new CEO, there’s been a surprisingly limited amount of FUD from the feisty NFT skeptics on Twitter, who are usually quick to blast anything to do with reports of mainstream connections to the technology.






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