United Airlines planes clip wings on the tarmac of Logan Airport

BOSTON — A United Airlines plane along with another plane at Logan Airport was dragged over the tarmac with wings clipped on Monday.

It happened just before 9am. No one was injured.

Two aircraft made contact at Logan Airport on March 6, 2023.


Massport said a jet bound for Newark made contact with another United plane when it was pushed back from the gate.

“We were reversing, taxiing to try to take off, and felt this thud and kind of jerked back. We looked back and the wing had clipped another wing on another flight,” said Nick Leone, who is a passenger was on the Newark flight. “It felt like we hit something.”

The other plane was waiting to fly to Denver.

“While pushing Logan back from his gate at Boston earlier today, the wing of a United aircraft made contact with the wing of another United aircraft parked at the neighboring gate. Customers on both aircraft departed normally and we have made arrangements to take them to their destinations on separate aircraft,” a United spokesperson told WBZ-TV in a statement.

The FAA, which will investigate the incident, said it was Flight 515 that hit Flight 267’s tail. Both aircraft are Boeing 737s.

Patrick Smith, a pilot and owner of the aeronautical information website AskAPilot.com, said the flight crew has no direct control over the pushback process.

“In most commercial aircraft, believe it or not, you can’t even see the wingtip from the cockpit,” explains Patrick Smith. “I cannot stress enough how small an incident this is. We wouldn’t be having this conversation at all if it weren’t for other, more serious conversations.’

Exactly one week ago, a JetBlue flight and a Learjet had a “barelyat Logan, according to the FAA. No one was injured, but the incident is still under investigation.





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