Two United planes collided at Logan Airport in Boston

A United Airlines Boeing 737
Photo: Daniel Slim / AFP (Getty Images)

The air has been less friendly in recent years. Except passengers still causes chaos in aircraft cabins and airline scheduling systems that collapse, near misses and asphalt incidents are happening more and more. The most recent incident happened yesterday morning on the tarmac of Boston Logan International Airport and involved two United Airlines planes.

Two United Airlines The Boeing 737 was scheduled to leave Boston around the same time. United Flight 515 was bound for Newark and Flight 267 was bound for Denver. CNN reported that that Flight 515 was pushed back from the gate at 8:30 a.m. until the Boeing’s right wing collided with Flight 267’s tail. The damaged aircraft was unable to continue and returned to their gates. Passengers on both flights were moved to afternoon departures.

No one was injured in the minor impact, but passengers on both planes certainly felt the impact. Nicholas Leone, a passenger on flight 515, told CNN, “I felt a sudden jolt and when I looked to the right I saw that the plane had crashed into the stationary plane. After seeing the fire trucks and police cars, people were a bit upset. Fortunately, everyone was able to disembark quickly.” This was the second time in the past week that a United Airlines flight was involved in an incident at Logan Airport.

Last Monday, JetBlue Flight 206 was prepared to land at Logan Airport like a soldier Learjet 60 took off on an intersecting runway without permission. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the JetBlue Embraer 190 undertook evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision when the private jet crossed its path. The two planes came within 565 feet of each other.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating both contact with United Airlines on the tarmac and JetBlue’s near miss with a Learjet. These investigations come in addition to four other runway near misses in the United States so far this year.


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