Toblerone chocolate bars lose Swiss mountain logo: reports

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March 5, 2023 | 3:04 pm

Toblerone chocolate bars will soon no longer have their iconic Matterhorn mountain peak on their packaging as the brand’s US owner moves some production outside of Switzerland, reports say.

“The Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung reported that Mondelez International Inc., which produces the triangular treat, is changing the design of the mountain on the cardboard packaging so as not to violate the Swissness Act,” says Bloomberg.

The company announced plans last year to move some production of the triangular treat to the Slovak capital Bratislava to cut costs.

The packaging design is also changing, to a “modernized and streamlined mountain logo that complements the geometric and triangular aesthetic,” a Mondelez spokesperson told the newspaper.

Instead of reading ‘from Switzerland’, the packaging says ‘established in Switzerland’.

The changes are attributed to the company not wanting to violate the Swiss “Swissness Act,” which came into effect in 2017, which prohibits national symbols and Swiss crosses on the packaging of products that do not meet Swissness criteria.

The packaging change is made in order not to violate the Swissness Act.
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“The new legislation ‘Swissness’ therefore strengthens the protection of the designation ‘Made in Switzerland’ and the Swiss cross. It helps to prevent and curb its misuse, so that the value of the ‘Swiss’ brand can be preserved in the long term.” states the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

The Toblerone factory in Bern, Switzerland, remains open, but it is not certain what changes in production will take place there, Scripps reports.

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