Tesla Model S Plaid with Carbon Ceramic Brakes is a monster on the track

A Tesla Model S with the company’s factory Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit was track tested and it proved to be very impressive. While the all-electric flagship sedan was tested on a track best suited for small, nimble cars, the Model S Plaid reportedly still set a record during its run.

The wait has been long for the Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit of the Model S Plaid. Tesla announced the product in late 2021, the same year as the vehicle’s unveiling. At the time, Tesla’s official website reported that the $20,000 brakes would be available in mid-2022. This estimate has now been updated to early 2023.

Earlier this month, a number of Tesla owners shared that they had received communications from the company indicating that the first batches of the upgraded brake kits are available to order. The performance of the Model S Plaid’s Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit was demonstrated in a video by amateur racer Sebastian Vittel, who posted a clip of the flagship sedan making its way onto the Circuit de Bresse circuit in France.

The amateur racer, who also drives a Porsche Cayman 718 GTS MR, noted in his video’s description that the Circuit de Bresse is best for small cars that are agile, such as a Lotus or a Caterham. On the other hand, it can also be a “nightmare” for big and heavy cars and their brakes. Surprisingly, the Tesla Model S Plaid with its Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit performed very well. With the vehicle’s top speed unlocked, it proved to be a true monster on the track.

In the end, the Model S Plaid with Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit performed so well that it reportedly set the track record for street-legal cars on non-semi-slick tires with a lap time of 1:33.610, and that’s with the car’s original tires. In comparison, Vittel noted that the best time he drove his Porsche with non-slick tires was 1:37.40. With Cup 2 R tyres, Vittel’s Porsche completed the lap in 1:31.70. It would then be interesting to see what the Model S Plaid with Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit could do if fitted with the right race tires as well.

Watch Vittel’s run in the Tesla Model S Plaid with Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit in the video below.

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