Tesla has been inundated with new invitations from Mexican states vying to host the automaker

Tesla has reportedly received overwhelming invitations from Mexican officials to bring the anticipated new assembly site to their state.

Last week, it looked like Tesla had finally narrowed down the location where it would build its newest facility in Mexico. The northern state of Nuevo Leon is close to the US border, has historically hosted numerous industrial giants such as Siemens and Caterpillar, and even appeared to be in talks with the US automaker about the specific location of its new manufacturing facility. That consideration may have changed when Mexico’s president discouraged the automaker, arguing that the state may not have the necessary water resources.

According to ABC, then the invitations and requests started pouring in. Governors of Veracruz, Michoacan and Guanajuato each put out bids and even slogans to attract Tesla. Veracruz noted that it had an abundance of water and cheap electricity, thanks to Mexico’s only nuclear power plant. Michoacan, a state whose governor says there is also plenty of water, went so far as to run an ad featuring a Tesla vehicle next to a giant avocado.

Credit: State of Michoacan

With Tesla expected to make several major announcements at next week’s Investor Day, many have wondered if Tesla’s location in Mexico will be part of it. However, without a selected state, it could be difficult for Tesla to make any announcement about the facility.

A few other challenges also remain regardless of which of the states Tesla chooses. If Tesla decides to move south toward Veracruz and Michoacan, not only will it be significantly further from the US border, where it will likely ship many of its vehicles, but it will also enter some of the more dangerous parts of the country. country in. Furthermore, without presidential backing for the project, Tesla could face an ongoing uphill battle as it looks to build a new facility somewhere in America’s southern neighbor.

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