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  • Aurora Over US leaves Twitter spellbound

    Aurora borealis made a rare appearance. A large hole in the sun’s corona caused a strong geomagnetic storm that severely damaged the Earth’s magnetic field. This incident served as the catalyst for the magnificent Northern Lights show, which traveled to the US and was witnessed by millions. Many states in the United States reported seeing […]

  • Two United planes collided at Logan Airport in Boston

    A United Airlines Boeing 737Photo: Daniel Slim / AFP (Getty Images) The air has been less friendly in recent years. Except passengers still causes chaos in aircraft cabins and airline scheduling systems that collapse, near misses and asphalt incidents are happening more and more. The most recent incident happened yesterday morning on the tarmac of […]

  • Amazon suspends construction of 2nd headquarters in Virginia

    NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon is halting construction on its second headquarters in Virginia after the largest round of layoffs in the company’s history and shifting plans around remote working. The Seattle-based company is delaying the start of construction on PenPlace, the second phase of development of its Northern Virginia headquarters, Amazon real estate chief […]