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  • Guy who sold Tesla Model X for a Rivian R1S reconsiders his options, takes back his words

    It’s okay to change your mind. So is the “money back guarantee” sentence is written. It gets more complicated when there are some principles involved. You cannot call your boss in public “the worst person in the world” and then change your mind with a simple one “Oh, I was wrong.” Similarly, influencers need to […]

  • Musk promises that small self-driving Tesla EV is definitely coming

    Photo: Pool / Pool (Getty Images) Stop the presses, folks. We’ve got a big, groundbreaking story here. A BIG story indeed. We just got word that Tesla will soon have a new small electric vehicle that will run almost entirely in autonomous mode. And it costs about half of the current one Tesla model 3. […]

  • This department store stock has beaten Apple, Amazon, and Tesla

    One of the best-performing stocks in recent years isn’t a tech giant or a high-flying startup. Instead, it’s a family-run department store chain that doesn’t have a wide following on Wall Street. Shares in Dillard’s Inc. DDS 1.48% are up more than 1,500% since April 2020. The company’s market value is comparable to Macy’s Inc., […]

  • Tesla stock is more popular than ever among individual investors

    In recent weeks, they’ve been buying up shares of Elon Musk’s electric vehicle maker at a breakneck pace, repeatedly setting records for one-day purchases. As of 2023, they have spent a net $13.6 billion on Tesla stock, which is approaching the all-year record of nearly $17 billion, according to Vanda Research. Their interest in Tesla […]

  • Elon Musk chooses California for Tesla’s Global Engineering Headquarters

    Tesla Inc. TSLA 1.77% said it established its global tech headquarters in Palo Alto, California, a state Chief Executive Elon Musk has criticized at times. Mr. Musk moved Tesla headquarters from Silicon Valley to Texas in 2021, saying at the time that the company’s ability to scale in the San Francisco Bay Area was limited. […]

  • Ford is doing its best to stop being Ford

    Photo: AP (AP) Ford is in a period of deep self-reflection, NHTSA is interested in a fatal Tesla crash in California and Jaguar is taking. That and more in this Tuesday edition of The morning shift before February 21, 2023. 1st gear: Ford’s problems Ford has been through it lately, production of the F-150 Lightning […]