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  • Crypto Firms Look to Swiss Lenders After Silvergate and Signature Bank Fail

    Switzerland has created what they call “Crypto Valley” in the Zug region. Nurphoto | Nurphoto | Getty Images Crypto companies are struggling to find institutions to bank with after the collapse of signature bank And Silvergate capitaltwo lenders who were friendly to digital currency companies. Some of these companies have turned to crypto-friendly Swiss banks, […]

  • Crypto Firms Look to Swiss Lenders After Silvergate and Signature Bank Fail

    Cryptocurrency companies are struggling to find institutions to bank with after the collapse of Signature Bank and Silvergate Capital. According to multiple industry insiders who spoke to CNBC, these companies have turned to crypto-friendly Swiss banks, inundating them with requests for banking services. Part of the reason companies seek out Swiss banks is the country’s […]

  • From the sudden collapse of the SVB to the consequences of Credit Suisse: 8 charts show turbulence in the financial markets

    A tumultuous week in US financial markets ended on an uncertain note Friday after a massive $30 billion injection of large bank deposits into First Republic Bank failed to appease investors. Last week, the sudden collapse of three US banks – Silvergate Capital, Signature Bank SBNY and Silicon Valley Bank – concerns about weakness in […]

  • The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is up 50% this year, outperforming stocks and gold

    Bitcoin is up 50% this year despite the collapse of major crypto-focused banks, beating major stock indices and commodities. On January 1, bitcoin started trading at just over $16,500. On Wednesday, it hovered around $25,000, thanks to a rally that started on Sunday. The recent increase came as somewhat of a surprise given the closure […]

  • the Fed must slow down or ‘things break’

    As the fallout from Silicon Valley Bank’s bankruptcy continues to unfold, the Federal Reserve needs to slow down before “many more things” break, Altimeter Capital’s Brad Gerstner told CNBC’s Halftime Report Monday. Gerstner said he was not “pointing the finger” at Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. But Gerstner said there would be “a lot of questions” […]

  • Signature, SVB, Silvergate Failures: Effects on the Crypto Sector

    Silvergate and Signature were the top two banks for crypto companies, while Silicon Valley Bank had many crypto startups and VCs as clients. The failure of the crypto banking trifecta rippled into the stablecoin market this weekend. By Sunday evening, when the FBI stepped in to stop deposits at Signature and SVB, cryptocurrencies were accumulating […]

  • Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank show the risks of banks focusing on one area

    Crypto-focused Silvergate, which this week announced its plans to liquidate, is suffering from woes similar to that of the bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank. That is, Silvergate’s distress is tied to rising interest rates – rather than the vagaries of digital assets. Silvergate has faced several financial challenges since the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, a […]

  • What happened to Silvergate Capital? And why does it matter?

    Silvergate capital AND served as one of the most important banks for the crypto industry before it collapsed earlier this week. The news came just a week after the company delayed its annual report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, causing Silvergate Capital’s shares to collapse. Here’s a rundown of the timeline of what […]

  • Silicon Valley Bank is down another 45%, putting pressure on the banking sector again

    In this photo an image of the trading chart TradingView of SVB Financial Group displayed on a smartphone with the logo of SVB Financial Group in the background. Igor Golovniov | Rocket | Getty Images Shares of SVB Financial Group, better known as Silicon Valley Bank, plummeted for a second day on Friday, once again […]

  • Keep an eye on banks, economic data, says Jim Cramer

    Economic data over the coming weeks could have a major impact on banking and technology stocks, said Jim Cramer. After a rough day for names like Silvergate, there is still hope on the horizon. Foamy markets and banking turmoil are casting a pallor over broader markets, but investors should keep an eye on economic data […]