• Adidas withdraws its opposition to Black Lives Matter’s three-stripe design

    March 29 (Reuters) – Sportswear manufacturer Adidas AG (ADSGn.DE) turned down Wednesday 48 hours after the request to the US Trademark Office to reject a Black Lives Matter application for a trademark with three parallel stripes. “Adidas will withdraw its opposition to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s trademark application as soon as possible,” […]

  • Founder of WallStreetBets, who ignited meme stock frenzy, is suing Reddit

    Feb 15 (Reuters) – The founder of WallStreetBets, believed to have helped fuel the frenzy of investors in ‘meme’ stocks, on Wednesday sued Reddit Inc, accusing it of wrongfully barring him from sharing the community moderate and undermine its trademark rights. Jaime Rogozinski said his impeachment, purportedly for violating Reddit policies by “trying to monetize […]