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  • Egg prices finally fell in February, but will they stay that way?

    (NEXSTAR) — After months of inflation, eggs suddenly got a little cheaper — but don’t expect them to stay that way. The price of eggs in the US has risen sharply since last fall, but inflation data shows that the average price fell 7% in February. Suddenly, the average price of a dozen large, white […]

  • Costco membership fees will rise, says CFO, but when?

    (NEXSTAR) — Costco is not increasing its dues now, but company officials indicate that change may be coming soon. The question is: what time? Speaking to investors last week, Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti reiterated that there will be a price hike for his Gold Star membership, but said “it’s a matter of when, not […]

  • Dish Network confirms cybersecurity breach

    WASHINGTON (KFOR) – If you’ve been having trouble accessing your Dish Network account lately, you’re not alone. Earlier this month, Dish Network claimed that a “network outage” affected services. As a result of the ‘outage’, the company’s website was offline for several days. Now we get a better idea of ​​the cause of the failure. […]