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  • How experts say you can have bank deposits over $250,000 insured

    The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank continues to prompt scrutiny of FDIC coverage limits, which are generally $250,000 per depositor. On Friday, President Joe Biden said the FDIC could guarantee deposits of more than $250,000 if further instability occurs. However, experts say it is possible to take out more insurance for your […]

  • Regional banks are getting the attention, but the concerns are greater, says former top supervisor

    Regional banks should not be the only source of concern for potential fallout from the fast pace of rate hikes by the Federal Reserve over the past year, a former banking supervisor said. “I don’t see regional banks having any particular problem,” said Sheila Bair, who ran the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. from 2006 to […]

  • Financial instability as the biggest market risk: Wells Fargo

    A major Wall Street firm ranks financial instability over inflation as the biggest economic risk for the next three months. In an interview following the Federal Reserve’s quarter-point rate hike, Michael Schumacher of Wells Fargo Securities suggested that policymakers are underestimating how quickly tightening credit conditions could hurt the economy. “The Fed doesn’t give enough […]

  • Barney Frank was right about Signature Bank

    Mar 20, 2023 6:26 PM ET A person walks past a Signature Bank in New York City, March 20. Photo: sarah yenesel/Shutterstock We never thought we’d be writing that headline. But on Sunday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. known that New York Community Bancorp‘s Flagstar Bank will fully acquire Signature Bank‘s cash deposits, except those […]

  • Warren says Congress should increase the FDIC insurance limit

    Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said in an interview on Sunday that Congress should lift the limit on federal insurance on bank deposits from $250,000 as lawmakers contemplate policy changes in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s historic collapse. “I think lifting the FDIC insurance limit is a good move,” Warren said on CBS’s “Face The […]

  • Is my money safe? Here are the ins and outs of FDIC insurance

    The federal government this week helped clients of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank get their money back even if their deposits were uninsured. If other institutions fail in the future, customers may need to turn to FDIC insurance, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said this week. Importantly, FDIC insurance has limits. Here’s how to make […]

  • Evercore warns that SVB outages will force the new market to bottom out

    Evercore ISI compares the banking stress to another critical time on Wall Street: the year of the savings and credit crisis and the epic crash. “To think that you would see this kind of financial stress building up in the system 24 hours later [Fed] chairman Powell suggested he could go 50 [basis points] on […]

  • The Silicon Valley Bank bailout

    The Treasury and Federal Reserve stepped in late Sunday to mitigate the financial damage of Silicon Valley Bank’s closing on Friday, guaranteeing even uninsured deposits and offering loans to other banks so they don’t have to take losses on their fixed income assets. This is a de facto bailout of the banking system, even though […]