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  • Exclusive: Dutch respond to US China policy with plan to curb semiconductor technology exports

    AMSTERDAM/WASHINGTON March 8 (Reuters) – The Dutch government on Wednesday announced it was planning new restrictions on exports of semiconductor technology to protect national security, joining the United States’ efforts to limit chip exports to China. curb. The U.S. imposed sweeping export restrictions on shipments of U.S. chip-making tools to China in October, but for […]

  • Germany could ban China’s Huawei and ZTE from sharing 5G networks – source

    German review of security of telecom technology providers Could ban providers controlled by a third state government Can force operators to tear and replace, no compensation Unclear which components could be banned, how often they are used BERLIN, March 7 (Reuters) – Germany is considering banning certain components from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE in […]

  • Japan’s new rocket fails after an engine problem, a blow to space ambitions

    Destruction signal sent to missile 14 minutes into flight Japan’s space agency is still hoping for a competing rocket Rocket to eventually supply the planned US space station on the moon TOKYO, March 7 (Reuters) – Japan’s new medium-lift rocket failed on its debut flight into space on Tuesday after the launcher’s second stage engine […]

  • Japan destroys new rocket in space after second stage engine failure

    TOKYO, March 7 (Reuters) – Japan said it had destroyed a new medium-lift rocket launched into space on Tuesday after the vehicle’s second stage engine failed to ignite, in a blow to its efforts to open access to expand into space and remain competitive in a launch market rocked by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The 57-meter […]

  • China leans on coal amid energy security

    State planner says to increase coal production Sees coal ‘supporting’ renewable energy expansion Calls for controls on replacing coal with gas Indicates that higher gas prices are coming for urban users BEIJING, March 5 (Reuters) – China’s state planner on Sunday underscored a greater role for coal in its power supply, saying the fossil fuel […]

  • China is doubling down on pressure to become self-reliant in technology, PM says

    BEIJING, March 5 (Reuters) – China’s science and technology policy should focus on building its strength and self-reliance, while making better use of the government’s role in pooling resources for major technological breakthroughs, Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday . The country effectively resisted external attempts to suppress and rein in China’s development over the […]

  • Mexico and Tesla close investment deal after president calls – sources

    MEXICO CITY, Feb. 27 (Reuters) – Mexico and Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) are about to announce a deal on the electric vehicle maker’s plans to invest in Mexico after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk spoke on Monday, Mexican officials said. Lopez Obrador previously revealed he would talk to Tesla’s “owner,” […]

  • IMF flags hurdles for debt restructuring, says banning crypto should be an option

    BENGALURU, Feb. 25 (Reuters) – There are some disagreements over debt restructuring for distressed economies, the International Monetary Fund chief said Saturday on the sidelines of a G20 meeting, adding that banning private cryptocurrencies would be an option. must be. India’s G20 presidency comes at a time when South Asian neighbors Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and […]

  • Exclusive: US Sanctions Authority Investigates Raiffeisen on Russia

    FRANKFURT/VIENNA, Feb. 17 (Reuters) – The United States sanctions authority has launched an investigation into Raiffeisen Bank International (RBIV.VI) over its activities related to Russia, leading the Austrian lender, which plays a crucial role in the Russian economy. In response to questions from Reuters, the bank said it received a request in January from the […]

  • Japan halts launch of H3 flagship missile just before liftoff

    TOKYO, Feb. 17 (Reuters) – Japan on Friday halted the launch of its first new medium-lift rocket in three decades just before the H3 vehicle was due to take off after secondary booster motors tethered to the side failed to fire. During the live-streamed event, the H3’s main engine failed after the launch countdown reached […]