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  • Elon Musk is planning a “utopian” corporate town called Snailbrook

    Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images) Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX, and boring company Director Elon Musk is add another title to his resume: city ​​owner. The multi-billionaire is reportedly busy building his own “utopia” in Texas and plans to name it Snailbrook. THe Wall Street Journal reports that Musk plans to build the city outside of Austin […]

  • Musk promises that small self-driving Tesla EV is definitely coming

    Photo: Pool / Pool (Getty Images) Stop the presses, folks. We’ve got a big, groundbreaking story here. A BIG story indeed. We just got word that Tesla will soon have a new small electric vehicle that will run almost entirely in autonomous mode. And it costs about half of the current one Tesla model 3. […]

  • Elon Musk apologizes for mocking a disabled Twitter employee

    Photo: Britta Pedersen Pool (Getty Images) Twitter CEO and overlord Elon Musk apologized to the previous one employee Haraldur Thorleifsson for mockery his disabilityproving that even technology’s biggest villain has a heart, or at least the sense of smelling a huge incoming lawsuit. In a tweet on Tuesday afternoon, Musk stated that he had spoken […]