Research Claims Some companies are already replacing employees with ChatGPT

An anonymous reader quotes an article Fortune:

Earlier this month, the job advisory platform surveyed 1,000 business leaders who use or plan to use ChatGPT. It turned out that almost half of their companies have implemented the chatbot. And about half of this cohort say that ChatGPT has already replaced employees in their company….

Business leaders who already use ChatGPT told that their companies already use ChatGPT for a variety of reasons, including 66% for code writing, 58% for copywriting and content creation, 57% for customer support, and 52% for executive summaries. meetings and other documents . In the hiring process, 77% of companies using ChatGPT say they use it to write job descriptions, 66% to draft interviews, and 65% to respond to job applications.

Overall, most business leaders are impressed with ChatGPT’s work,” wrote in a press release. “Fifty-five percent say the quality of work produced by ChatGPT is ‘excellent’, while 34% say that it’s ‘very good….’” Nearly all companies using ChatGPT said they saved money with the tool, with 48% saying they saved more than $50,000 and 11% saying they saved more than $100,000 saved….

Of companies identified by as using the chatbot, 93% say they plan to expand their use of ChatGPT, and 90% of executives say ChatGPT experience is beneficial to job seekers – if it hasn’t already replaced their job.






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