Honda is recalling nearly 500,000 vehicles over seat belt problems

Honda is recalling nearly 500,000 vehicles

Honda is recalling nearly 500,000 vehicles over a potential seat belt problem


Honda is recalling nearly 500,000 cars due to a manufacturing problem with the front seatbelts that prevented them from properly engaging, the company announced.

Affected models include select 2018-2019 Accord and Accord Hybrids, the 2017-2018 CR-V, 2018-2020 Odysseys, the 2019 Insight and 2019-2020 Acura RDXs.

“With continuous use, the surface coating of the buckle channel can deteriorate over time and the release button can shrink against the channel at low temperatures, increasing friction. This can lead to problems with the seat belt latching,” the company said. in documents detailing the defect.

An unlocked buckle increases the risk of injury, the company said.

Honda dealers will replace the front seat belt release buttons or buckles in all affected vehicles free of charge if necessary, the company said.

As of early March, Honda had received no reports of injuries or deaths related to the issue, the company said in the documents.





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