Guy who sold Tesla Model X for a Rivian R1S reconsiders his options, takes back his words

It’s okay to change your mind. So is the “money back guarantee” sentence is written. It gets more complicated when there are some principles involved. You cannot call your boss in public “the worst person in the world” and then change your mind with a simple one “Oh, I was wrong.” Similarly, influencers need to stay consistent with their opinions or no one will want to hear what they say.

YouTuber Ryan Pined is in such a predicament after slamming Tesla in a sour video detailing why he ditched the Model X and bought a Rivian R1S instead. Pineda spoke euphorically about how good the Rivian was compared to the Model X. If you recall, the build quality of the R1S was one of the things that impressed Pineda, but it was the delivery experience that blew him away. Now he had to swallow his words because in another video he explained why he sold the Rivian and bought a Tesla Model Y instead.

But it’s worth looking at his background to better understand his decisions. Pineda is a former professional basketball player turned successful entrepreneur. He derives most of his income from real estate investments. More specifically, Ryan flips and rents houses. That’s why we’re not surprised he treated his cars the way he treats real estate. As he admits, there was nothing wrong with the Rivian, except that it might act like a big, heavy one SUV. But Pineda sold it anyway to make a quick buck given the overvaluation of these SUVs.

Ryan paid $78,000 for the R1S and collected the full $7,500 US federal EV tax credit. The YouTuber sold the SUV for $120,000, more than 50% above the sticker price. As you can see, Pineda did well selling the Rivian and did even better by getting a nice deal on a Model Y. Yes, from the car brand he previously said had patchy build quality. The worst part was that he had to admit that he was talking “a lot of nonsense about Tesla” in his previous video.

Pineda got the Model Y at the new reduced prices, paying $58,000 for a fully loaded configuration. Thanks to his nephew, a Tesla employee, Ryan was also released Completely self-driving Beta opportunities, so he’s happier than ever now. The sporty Model Y is also more nimble to drive than the Rivian and its former Model X. Knowing his reasons for flipping the Rivian, did he make the right decision? Hit us in the comment section below.





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