Elon Musk has a late night Twitter outburst, explodes OpenAI, leaks

It looked like Elon Musk couldn’t or wouldn’t sleep early Friday morning.

He also seemed annoyed at the unfavorable coverage that had been published on Twitter in recent days.

“Several major media sources falsely reported that my Tweets were pushed above normal levels earlier this week,” he said tweeted about 15 minutes later. (Musk appears to still be in the Bay Area, based on Mastodon reports from ElonJet.)

“An assessment of my Tweet likes and views over the past 6 months, especially as a ratio of followers, shows this to be false,” he continued. “We had a bug that caused replies to be as prominent as primary tweets, but that has now been fixed.”

He continued. Over the course of early Friday morning, with a short break, Musk distributed messages denouncing the Washington Post, former Twitter executives and employees and, perhaps most importantly, a recent report alleging that Musk had deployed engineers to his tweets hyperboost to Twitter’s entire user base with a feature known internally as the “power user multiplier”.

From the report, Musk claimed that the person to whom the information was leaked Platformer (who first broke the news) was “a disgruntled employee who had been on paid leave for months, had already taken a job at Google, and felt the need to poison the well on his way out.” He also claimed that “Twitter will take legal action against him.” (Platformer heads Casey Newton And Zoe Schiffer dispute the claim.)

About 45 minutes later, he apologized soon after for “showing so many irrelevant and annoying ads on Twitter,” perhaps a result of declining ad spend on the platform. Soon after, he disparaging Twitter employees who had already been fired tweeting a joke about “TruthGPT.

He then replied to what appeared to be an already planned Washington Post tweet that expanded on Platformer’s initial coverage of boosting his tweets. (A spokesperson for the Post did not immediately respond to whether the tweet was planned.) Musk was seemingly outraged in his response.

“Your article is incorrect and it is obvious,” he said said, referring to the tweet he posted in the witching hours. “Are you really not doing any research at all? I mean, like reading a few tweets for example.”

Seemingly still stuck with the Post and Platformer reports, he issued a message after a seven-hour break on Twitter. “Note: if a lot of people you follow or like also follow me, chances are the algorithm will recommend my tweets,” he tweeted. “It’s not super sophisticated.”

He then seriously responded to what looked like – tpost. “Elon not only follow you, I frame all your tweets and hang them on my walls,” tweeted @greg16676935420. (“Nice,” Musk said back.)

Next, Musk doubled down on his ad outrage, blaming former Twitter executive Bruce Falck, who was fired from Twitter’s pre-buyout. “My apologies, you must be a genius, that’s why Twitter has the worst ad relevancy in the world,” Musk tweeted in response to Falck, saying that “this guy has no idea what he’s talking about.”

His frenzy was punctuated by tweets in which he repeatedly praised one of his old viral tweets about putting cocaine back in Coca-Cola. “This is my best work – please add to the tombstone along with ‘made up car fart’,” he said tweeted 12 noon after calling that same tweet a gem.”






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