Dish Network confirms cybersecurity breach

WASHINGTON (KFOR) – If you’ve been having trouble accessing your Dish Network account lately, you’re not alone.

Earlier this month, Dish Network claimed that a “network outage” affected services. As a result of the ‘outage’, the company’s website was offline for several days.

Now we get a better idea of ​​the cause of the failure.

In a statement on his website, Dish said the Feb. 23 outage was caused by a “cybersecurity incident,” which also affected internal communications and customer call centers.

“We immediately activated our incident response and business continuity plans to contain, assess and resolve the situation,” the company writes. “We engaged the services of cybersecurity experts and third-party consultants to help evaluate the situation, and we notified the appropriate law enforcement agencies.”

Company officials say internal communications and customer call centers continue to be affected.

On Tuesday, Dish confirmed that “certain data” had been obtained from its IT systems during the cybersecurity breach. So far, it’s unclear what data was taken.

“It is possible that the investigation shows that the extracted data contains personal information,” the company says. Officials are still determining the impact of the breach.

If data is obtained from customers, Dish says it will “take appropriate steps and notify all affected customers.”

Customers may still have issues accessing their accounts, making payments, or contacting customer service or Dish Notes. The company says customers won’t lose service if they can’t make payment while Dish systems are affected, and will remove late fees for those unable to pay.

No other details about the breach have been released at this time.





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