Costco shoppers have beef with a pricey new food court item


February 25, 2023 | 1:38 PM

Value-conscious shoppers are venting a beef with Costco—clinking about the eye-popping price tag on the discount warehouse’s newest food court item.

The $9.99 roast beef sandwich that appeared on the menu last week at a Costco store in Lynnwood, Wash. $5 whole rotisserie chicken and $9.95 18 inch pepperoni pizza.

“Is the beef wagyu?” carped Reddit user wats6831.

“It should be for $10.”

The high-roller’s hoagie — a 790-calorie concoction of sliced ​​roast beef, roasted cherry tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, and onion sauce on an “artisan bun” — drew more than 500 incredulous comments when a Costco member posted a photo of the store menu board on Reddit Sunday.

“Only a little more expensive than two whole rotisserie chickens,” sniffed an irate customer.

Costco is known for its low prices.

“A rotisserie chicken, a slice of pizza and a hot dog with a drink together are still cheaper than that sandwich,” said another bargain hunter. “Difficult pass.”

“Just tried the sandwich,” claimed another. “It tasted good, but not $10 good… It’s hard to go for this when you know you can get a whole pizza.”

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek revealed in December that the big-box retailer has maintained its $1.50 price for the hot dog-and-soda meal despite rising inflation by producing its own francs — and selling the cheap food. accept as a loss leader to get hungry shoppers at your doorstep.

The $9.99 beef dish is setting social media on fire.
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“Whether we make a lot of margin? No,’ Jelinek admitted.

Other items sold at Costco’s front-of-store food courts are similarly wallet-friendly. The chain charges $3.99 for a hot turkey and provolone sandwich, $4.99 for a BBQ beef sandwich, and $1.99 for a slice of pizza.

The Lynnwood store is located 30 miles from Costco’s headquarters in Issaquah, prompting speculation that the new nosh is part of a nefarious business scheme.

The high-roller hoagie sparked outrage among shoppers.
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“The thing is, when the next new items come in at $7-$8 each, they look like a good deal,” claimed one cynical commenter.

“Costco brides” have become famous on social media in recent months as shoppers look for bargains in an inflation-hammered economy.

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