“Consumers are happy to pay two euros for a Mars bar or a can of cola, but not for their vegetables”

We’ve all heard about the vegetable shortages in UK supermarkets, but what about the situation in Ireland where they have a similar setup with retailers?

“It’s the same in Dublin,” says wholesaler Justin Leonard of Jackie Leonard & Son. “It’s not as bad as in the UK, but the supermarket shelves are pretty empty, like Tesco, Dunnes, Aldi and Lidl. The cause is of course the same: the weather in Spain and prices for contracts. This means that it is impossible to fulfill contracts at agreed prices due to product shortages.”

Justin said the growers should get more money. They have been underpaid for too long.

“This is the underlying trend in Europe and the UK. The retailers did not want to bind, so the greenhouse growers did not plant, which means that the current shortages will continue. We have a product here in Ireland, but it is expensive. We are still selling from the wholesale market, but less than usual. Customers buy only what they need the next day; they don’t stock up on products like they normally would.”

Justin expects this situation to continue for a few more weeks as temperatures are expected to drop below zero in Ireland next week.

“I really hope this will mean a change in the industry; growers have been saying this for a long time. They just can’t produce at the prices they get, and not every grower supplies retailers. Consumers must realize that fresh products are not a loss leader in supermarkets. They must respect fresh products. They are happy to pay two euros for a Mars bar or a can of cola, but not for their vegetables.”

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