AI-illustrated comic Zarya of the Dawn loses major copyright lawsuit

Image: Half way through the journey

When Kris Kashtanova tried to copyright their comic book Zarya of the dawnTThe United States Copyright Office originally granted them the rights. Later the temp agency posted the book for review due to Kashtanova’s social media, where they said they produced it Pictures the habits AI image generator Half way through the journey. Now the Copyright Office has made a decision.

The United States Copyright Office stated that Kashtanova “is the author of the text of the work, as well as the selection, coordination, and arrangement of the written and visual elements of the work.” What they are not the author of is the art. They don’t recognize any of the images as being owned or copyrighted by Kashtanova. Kashtanova has said that they edited and arranged the AI-generated art, and are therefore an artist. You can read Kashtanova’s statement to the Copyright Office during the review process here.

Following these edits, the Copyright Office stated that the work they did was “too small and unnoticeable to provide the necessary creativity for copyright protection.” Despite this, Kashtanova further stated Facebook and on Instagram dat “Today I received the decision from the Copyright Office on Zarya of the dawn. The good news is that they confirmed my copyright, so Zarya of the dawn remains officially registered.” They went on to say that that’s how copyright works Office allowed the story to remain under copyright cover “much use to the people in the AI ​​art community.”

There are similar ones laws and issues surrounding NFTs, because they are also “generated” art, even if the result is different. Regardless of the outcome, AI-generated images draw from a library of non-consensual work added to a database without the knowledge of or permission from the original artists. The scraped footage that Midjourney exploited under Kashtanova’s directions came with a base average, taking other people’s work and piecing it together according to management’s guidance. Kashtanova will nevertheless continue to pursue their copyright.

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